NICKERSON BARBIE 3: The Revelation by Mimi Renee
ISBN: N/A | Published April 23rd 2015 by Ink Game Publication |

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About Book

The notorious couple Nephew and Barbie are back in Nickerson Barbie 3!

Married with a baby, Barbie finally has everything she has ever dreamed of: a family of her own. While things should be looking up and happy for the newlyweds, life is everything but in the Morris mansion. Barbie's mental state has deteriorated to its lowest point, and Nephew tries everything in his power to protect her from tragic events that he knows can easily destroy her. Old enemies are still on Barbie's trail and new enemies will surface. But just when things couldn't get any worse, Nephew and Barbie's marriage starts to fall apart right before their very eyes. The question is, why?

Secrets, lies, and unexpected skeletons will reveal themselves at a rapid pace. Will the couple that fought so hard to be together be able to survive the turmoil in their marriage, or will the truth rock this deadly couple to the point of no return?

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